Sunday, January 30, 2011

Remembering to Trust

It’s a vague fear.  Nothing I can put my finger on.  Nothing that keeps me awake at night.  It is keeping me company for portions of my day.  I finally got wise (a little) and meditated on it when it was staring me in the face.  The insight was that fear is thinking about something bad or unpleasant that might happen in the future.  Unless I am immediately being threatened there is no logical reason to fear something that isn’t even happening.  It takes me out of the present moment.

If I can learn to ask myself if I am okay right at the moment I will in all probability learn that everything is okay right now.  If not, then the next question should be what I can do to make it alright.  There will always be some amount of uncertainty in my life but that shouldn’t equate to fear.  The uncertainty is an opportunity to trust.    

Trust is the basis of what William Sutherland discovered through his years of studying the craniosacral system.  The main force of this system is the tidal movements which are the expression of our inner Health; the part of us that exists in harmony with the Universe itself.  Through our life experiences, minor and major traumas and everyday stresses we tend to move away from this Health.  With the help of a practitioner who practices the Stillness that is the heart of this work our system will uncover the health that exists at our core.  Dr. Sutherland encouraged us to “rely upon the tide”.  Those tidal movements will find their own health and restore us to homeostasis.

At the heart of our beingness there is no fear.  Life happens.  We roll with the punches.  We expand with the joy.  We respond to the love.  Our system has an amazing capacity for renewal.  I find that when I resist against trusting that process is when my fear arises.  I feel an ache and make up some story about why it happened and how I can change it.  If I will only notice it and sit with it and not judge it or give it a story my body has a marvelous capacity to recycle it into a form that is useful. 

I don’t need to know.  I need to trust.  The Intelligence of my system is infinitely more gifted than my intellect.  Sometimes the situation does require an action on my part but worrying about it is never the correct answer.  Trust the tide.  Trust the process.  Extinguish the fear.  For me, it’s a perpetual reminder to allow life to move through me and to appreciate the journey.