Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Awareness of Love

A teacher of mine says that he doubts any judgment can be absolute or objective.  He believes that any and all of our strongly held beliefs are a mirror of our story rather than statements of TRUTH.   “It is not true to say that a truth at one level is valid at another level.  Failing to recognize that has led to so much opinionated bigotry and violence.”

This reminded me of another lesson I had many years ago when I was first learning to touch someone from the craniosacral perspective of stillness.  I remember thinking that I had to give or send someone on my table, love.  My teacher encouraged me to be love rather than give love.

This is where my belief is today.  If I can put my awareness into however I perceive love – be it a thought, a feeling of a previous experience of love or just focusing on my heart that energy permeates regardless of whether I “give” or “send” it.

For me, this is a helpful practice because at my level of understanding I feel in that moment I am vibrating with love.  I have made no judgments about whom or what needs love.  I am just relishing the energy of love and that does whatever it needs, on any level.  Healing happens in the present moment; and in that moment with the vibration of love permeating the immediate environment miracles can and do happen. 

Of course, physics tells us that these energetic vibrations can affect the entire universe and that’s a bigger lesson about my role in life.