Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The journey

The spiritual journey, which to me is essential to our health, can have many connections and interpretations.  It is as unique as our fingerprints.  From this basis we can all learn to appreciate the healing capacities held within us.  As we journey into a present moment awareness and delve into the Stillness that arises we are able to access our original Health, which resides under all the layers of undigested experience and is never lost.  This allows us to appreciate the magnificence of who we truly are and become a co-creator of the manifestations we desire in our lives. Using our bodies as the vehicles for this experience will allow us to sense the details of the process.  This gives us real knowledge; not just information.
What I have found is that this knowledge is always there but that I tend to distract myself from it.  If I get too close to a change I need to make, or it becomes painful I think of something else or I get up and do something to take my thinking mind away.  When I have someone put their hands on me with no agenda except the intention to be present I am able to sink more fully into allowing the arising process to resolve itself.  If I start to wander, a skilled practitioner will gently bring me back to the present by keeping herself present.  If the practitioner is willing to wait for whatever revelation needs to manifest then my system responds to that TLC.
There is really no mystery here.  When we can be present we create the space needed for life to do its work.  This is what Mike Boxhall calls letting the work do the work.  With a mind that is open to all possibilities the expansiveness of the Stillness is free to express itself.  Our choice is whether to accept that answer or elect to bury it again.  Sometimes, we’re not ready to let go of the pain.  We still have a few more lessons for it to teach us.  There is no judgment about that.  It just is.  Sometimes the wait increases the sweetness of the final resolution. 
We cannot get here before we have been there.  The journey is what it is all about.  There is no dance; there is only the dancer.  Life is perfect.  One of our jobs is to remember that; especially in the midst of our chaos and pain.

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