Monday, October 24, 2011

The Great Oz

As a craniosacral therapist I spend much time in silence “listening” to the body tell me its story.  Deep healing can happen within that space.  Becoming attuned to that part of our bodies that handle those healing resources takes much practice at being present.  It’s much like meditation in that respect.

I recently had an image during one of my sessions that was a very still pool of water that ended at a right angle to form a waterfall.  However, the water was not falling over as I suspected it should, but was trickling.  Down in front of that and off in the distance was a city.  It reminded me of OZ.  As a child that was my favorite movie.

Of course I thought I was really weird and wondered what the heck.  But I have learned to be okay with all that comes my way and to not question.  Immediately after reminding myself of that it occurred to me that the Great Oz did not give the tin man, the lion or the scarecrow anything that they did not already have.  He acknowledged what was already within them and sent them on their way.

For me, this image represented that part of ourselves that refuses to believe that everything we already need and everything we already are is within us.  On one level we can relate to the fact that the Great Oz did not give those creatures anything, nor do we need anything in order to be complete. Yet I believe that the trickle (as opposed to a rush) of water was that space within us that doubts the truth of that.

I propose that each of us learn to truly appreciate ourselves and who we are.  We’re good enough just as we are in this moment.  Once we acknowledge that, our growth begins.  Our attitudes change and we start attracting the health and happiness that we all desire.

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