Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Honoring Ourselves

I was quite busy last month and I forgot to take a container of food out of my refrigerator and dispose of it.  When I realized it was in there and I had no idea what it was, I opened it to the aroma of rotting food.  I jumped back and said “That really smells!”  I reminded myself that it was suppose to smell because that’s nature’s way of protecting us from eating what might make us sick.

Nature tries to warn us against hurts we inflict upon ourselves, as well.  Pain, conflict and frustration are all ways the universe tells us to change our course of action.  Do we listen?  Usually not.  At least not until we get it drilled into our heads for the umpteenth time.

We tolerate dysfunctional relationships, abusive business dealings, addictions, and numerous other situations that are bad for our level of health.  We tell ourselves that we are forgiving and selfless to put up with these situations.  “Next week I’ll talk to my boss”, or “he’s a good person and he can change.”  What we really need to hear our inner voice saying is that we need to do it differently.

In training a dog we reward them when they do what we expect them to do.  If we didn’t praise them how would they know they were doing it correctly?  If only we were so smart.  How many times must we not be rewarded until we climb out of the hurtful situation?

This is one way that Craniosacral therapy can be quite helpful.  When we lie on the table and allow our body to speak to us in the quietness of the present moment with a witness to help keep us aware we have all kinds of revelations of the spirit.  Our answers reside there.  All we need to do is to listen.

Honoring ourselves to live in the light and goodness of what the world offers is the better way to live our lives.  We need to tell the truth about our pain before we can excavate our way out of it.  The best way to live a pain and conflict-free life is to love ourselves.  Once we learn that lesson we need not become entangled in the frustration again.  We’re worth it.

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