Saturday, June 9, 2012

Question All of It

When we think about our health do we believe everything we read or are told?  Do we rely on a doctor’s prognosis to determine what happens to us?  There is plenty of evidence that supports the stories of a doctor giving the “six months to live” prognosis and the patient dies in six months.

What if we start questioning everything?  How would our lives look if we opened our minds to the possibilities instead of believing what we think is true?  Our thinking is being constrained by our perspectives and preconceived notions that are learned “facts” and notions.  When we question all of it we can stop making errors in assumptions.

I find it helpful to sit quietly in meditation and allow my body to give me answers.  Our minds get in our way.  We accept dogma as truth.  We tend to believe the “experts”.  What I have found is that everything is in constant flux including “facts” espoused by the experts.  The world’s dogma was once a belief that the earth is flat.  We now know that isn’t true.  It took questioning and researching those questions to get to the point of changing the system.  This is where I find meditation very helpful.  It is also where Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can play a huge role.

My body knows what it needs.  My mind, my intellect, does not because it operates in a world where the facts rule.  And the facts of today can very well be the fallacies of tomorrow.  The Intelligence of my body and the larger universal connection that we enjoy through our fluid system is awe-inspiring. 

When I put my hands on another person I give them the permission to let go and let their Truth prevail.  Their truth is always different from my Truth and that is the ultimate gift that I can give them.  Their body resonates with the energetic field that is created when judgment is suspended.  My intention is staying present – much like a meditation.  Whatever needs to arise will show up.  I say “hello” and “welcome” and truly breathtaking shifts in the physical body, the mental body and the spiritual body can happen.

Many times there is a story behind the body’s disruption in its expression of health.  Our attachment to that story is oftentimes our downfall.  For whatever reason we may not be ready to let go of the drama surrounding it.  Oftentimes we aren’t even aware there is a story connecting the two seemingly separate issues.  From a holistic perspective it is all connected.  It is our awareness that is disconnected.  But, we do not need to be mentally aware of this connection in order for Health to arise.  Our body is aware and can make the changes needed without ever recreating the drama that might have caused the problem in the first place.

In the presence of a caring therapist who allows the body to express itself through its fluid system, which is also intricately coupled to our nervous system all possibilities open up.  I am not adding anything into the mix.  I am allowing the internal environment to have a voice.  The compression we have carried around with us is allowed to expand and shift to an inclusive energetic blueprint where ALL possibilities become a part of the answer.

It’s similar to looking at a building’s blueprint and asking ourselves, “If I moved this door over here and replaced that wall with a window what new and exciting possibilities can I experience?”  We never know unless we investigate the questioning.  We open ourselves to the expansiveness of the Universal Health that exists at the core of each of us in our own unique blueprint.  This is the priceless benefit of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, a hands-on treatment uniquely different for each of us.

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